More? More?, MORE ?? A bit like the famous line “Please sir can I have some more?” from that great movie and show Oliver, “I” am being asked for more, am having more and am enjoying getting back to a “more” usual or normal world!...

Spreading out

Spreading out then, and like the beautiful flowers in main lead photo my Poetry World is certainly and very happily doing that.  “IF” I was a sardonic or possibly “Micky Taking” poet I might say that with the hot weather encouraging people...


Following my previous Blogs being entitled “Forward Gear, Cruise Control and Opening Up” it does seem right that this offering is called “Arrival” or perhaps getting there? Now exactly where or what “there” is can become a subject...

Opening up

Hello, and I guess I could claim that this latest Blog title of “Opening Up” follows theme of my previous offerings of “Forward Gear & Cruise Control” , but that wouldn’t be totally true, although the sequence does follow logically,...

Cruise control

After my last two Blog themes that were “Consolidation and Forward Gear” I’ve now moved onto “Cruise Control” as I have picked up speed to my usual rapid pace of activity again. Read on to find out how and why as I won’t tease you.....

Forward gear

I can only call this new blog Forward Gear as I am certainly moving forward on so many fronts i can hardly keep OOoooop with myself. Yes great and exciting stuff, but fear not i will tell all but ONLY after just having to repeat that I’m “often imitated,...
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