Changes, yes those things that can catch us out, keep us on our toes or like this year with Curse Covid, totally decimate us… We all experience changes in our lives, some good, some bad and some, (like technology), blooming annoying. How we deal with these...

From the beginning

I am extremely pleased to say that my last Blog, (+Reaching out and being there), that was slightly changed in style and somehow 3 weeks ago now, was very popular and well received.  I know this from kind comments and feedback to me via my various...

Reaching out, and being there

Yes, just like that great Four Tops song, “Reach out I’ll be there”, we have to reach out in these crazy times and still try to (even virtually) embrace and engage with each other and also this strange new world….. But we, and certainly...

Heralded and Help Our Heroes

Hello and welcome to another Blog, (Hi Emily & Sharon), which is a bit mixed really with some good news, ordinary news and a report of devastatingly sad news, so hold on here. Well in a period of sort of “evening out” in this weird half-life that...

No video, but still a skilled radio star?

Apologies for my play on title of The Buggles song “Video Killed the Radio Star” hit, from an almost unbelievable 1979, (the video was released the following year apparently), but it fits very nicely with this my latest Blog offering? The reason that it...

Opening Doors

Following many doors closing with the onset of the cursed Covid, it is nice to see many open again, BUT always striving to be original and different, “I” have been opening doors and in an expansive way for a while now. OPENING doors to promote the...
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